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Friday, 12 July 2024
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Apartment: The 3 Fates

The Studios are constructed to cover all the needs of a modern family, combining comfort, luxury and functionality. Spacious, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom are provided and also balconies with view of the sea and the mountain.

 Apartment: The 3 Fates (1 to 2 people)                                                   Online booking


The 3 Fates Apartment is located on the ground floor, facing the sea and offers a furnished courtyard which has easy access to a garden with a playground.

The Fates were entities of ancient Greek mythology, who were usually represented as three female figures that spin. The thread holding in their hands, symbolises the human life, thus showing how small and weak it may be. The first Fate, Klotho (symbolises the moment), spins the thread of life, the second one, Lachesis (the future), distributes allotments, determines what everyone "receives" (lottery). The third Fate, finally, Atropos, cuts without the slightest hesitation the thread of human life, when the time comes.

The Fates are therefore the forces responsible for the good and the bad of life of every mortal, from his birth to his death. They get their power from Zeus, who for this reason is also called "Moiragetis" (Guide of the Fates).

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