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Friday, 12 July 2024
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Routes by bikes


Cycling, Ideas for walks ...

Experience the culture, history and beautiful scenery of Kyparissian Gulf, from the saddle of a bike .

A bicycle tour allows you to find things that might have been missing if you were in a car. Enjoy a chance encounter with a local, a stunning landscape, the sights and sounds of nature up close, ancient ruins or a secluded cove.

Follow one of the many bike paths or even make one of your own. Arrange the pace that you want either for training or just ride and fill your lungs with fresh air, while you contribute your bit to fight for the protection of nature and the greenhouse effect.

You are in paradise cyclists with guaranteed sunshine. Due to exceptional weather conditions in the area, cycling is enjoyable all year round. It is very rare to meet strong winds.

Within 10 km you can go through rocky terrain in soil and very steep, level allowing you to experience all in a very short time.

We can organize your trip through different landscapes combining mountain biking, the lacy beaches, tranquil vineyards and plantations of olive trees with fascinating ancient ruins of history as Vounaki, the dove, Castle of Kyparissias, the Malthi, Lepreon, Prasidaki.