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Friday, 12 July 2024
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Castle in Agrilis


The castle of fairy tales, located on Agrilis Filiatron, a few kilometers outside the city and is one of the most popular destinations for any traveler., Inspired and built in the last century by originates Filiatra, physician Harry Fournier (the true name is Harry Fournarakis). A man he apparently adored tale... The image of the castle seems to have "sprung" from other seasons, all of us-a little or a lot, we have traveled mentally: castles living fairies and goblins The castle with its huge horse lying on his side, Trojan horse, inside the old library had, but the huge imposing figure of Athena and Poseidon, along with the heroes of the Revolution of 1821, was created "to remind us all so the margin, his sweet tales he told us our grandmother." The property was transferred to the Cultural Association "Torch" in 1984.

agrili2 agrili3 agrili4

The goddess Athena with the head of Medusa.

Unfortunately no one can today admire its internal treasures. Why is properly reflected in the following story:


"Once there was a man (Fournarakis) said that after many years to return to his place, to live the few years he had left in his homeland that he loved so much! The joy was so great that seeing him lots of that going round all day with a smile ...With time, beginning and helped people who had a need for help, because for many years on foreign acquired great fortune!

Some saw this as a means for them to steal some, and started their own, hopefully get some, as they took ...

One day he discovered all the scammers who played ... so they gathered one day and said:

-Since you think that material goods are superior to your very humanity, I say that I have money to make materials....And so sat down and built a castle on the sand. This castle had everything ...Corridors, rooms, arches, turrets, hanging doors ... and outdoor work had mainly statues from ancient history.

That of the movement, made the villagers then angry and start saying that he lost ... hopefully gets their hands on the large property but without success!

Had told them yet....

-I put all my property on the sand if you really want it, get involved, make sand stone and we will win! "

Today.... we still find this castle on the sand... and it seems that it withstands!

Heirs who are fighting each other and trying to prove who the best is have left the fate of...                      

                                 agrili6 agrili7