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Tuesday, 25 June 2024
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Museum of Ancient Olympia

Through the many exhibits of the permanent exhibition of the Archaeological Museum of Olympia the visitor is introduced to the history of the great Pan-Hellenic sanctuary from the Early Bronze Age to the sixth-seventh centuries AD. The sculpted decoration (metopes and pediments) of the temple of Zeus, the most important example of the Severe Style in Greek art, the statue of Nike by Paionios and the Hermes of Praxiteles are the museum's pieces de resistance. Equally important is the bronze collection, the richest of its kind in the world.

olympia 6

The recently reorganized exhibition occupies twelve galleries set out in chronological order. It aims to present the objects, inform the visitor in a simple yet scientific manner and assist him/her according to the latest museological standards. It gives a full picture of the historical development of both the sanctuary and ancient Greek art through a wide selection of exhibits, as well as information panels, maps, drawings, photographs and reconstructions and models of the monuments.



  • The prehistoric period at Olympia (gallery 1)
  • Geometric-Archaic perios (gallery 2)
  • Late Archaic period and architectural sculprture (gallery 3)
  • The Severe style (gallery 4)
  • The sculpted decoration of the temple of Zeus (gallery 5)
  • The Nike of Paionios (gallery 6)
  • Phiedias and his workshop (gallery 7)
  • The Hermes of Praxiteles (gallery 8)
  • Late Classical and Hellenistic periods (gallery 9)
  • Roman Sculpture (galleries 10-11)
  • The last years of the sanctuary's life(galleries 12)

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