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Wednesday, 24 April 2024
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Foloi Forest

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The forest of Folois is one of the most rare and unique forests in the Europe. Located in the Mountains of Ileia, not far from Ancient Olympia. It consists of oak and is included in the network protected by NATURA 2000 because of its importance, and is estimated to be ancient. In the past the oak was dedicated to Zeus and was considered an emblem of strength. According to Greek Mythology, the oak forest of Foloi was host to Centaurs and nymphs. The Dryads were happy with the rain, crying when the oak leaves were dry, and dying when the tree was cut. It took its name from the king of the Centaurs, Folo, and friend of Hercules (in the Greek Mythology).        

In this forest was the place where Hercules caught the boar Erymanthos,  in his fourth Atlhos - test. The soil is dry during the summer period the oaks-called also kapeli, are maintained only by the humidity, which is remaining on the ground because of the density of trees that doesn’t leave the sun to pass. The environmental quality of the forest is confirmed by its important area for the birds of Greece. Determined to preserve the natural habitats of wild fauna and flora. Here Live many animals like hares, squirrels, hedgehogs, which are found in significant populations. The ecosystem of the forest is a food chain which also contains badgers, pine martens, foxes, eagles, turtles, weasels, owls, skylarks, jackals, magpies, vipers, snakes and others. The springs of Penios River are from there, near village Adroni with the gorgeous Gorge. Do not miss to visit the Environmental Museum of Folois forest, at Loutsa place, when you can see films about Heracles and Centaurs, production of the Museum.

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