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Tuesday, 27 February 2024
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Saint Theodora

theodoraComing out Megalopolis for Kalamata, we found on our right an intersection with exit to the village of Isar. After 16 km we reach the Isaro which is a traditional stone village.

The road passes through the village and through the village continues to Vasta. Leaving the right junction to Vasta, and continuing the road to the left, the next six kilometers of road, which is downhill with many turns, with a beautiful natural scenery, unspoiled reaches Agia Theodora.


theodora 3

The church combined with the beauty of the landscape, the lush vegetation and running water is a global phenomenon. The small church is Byzantine period, built in the 12th century AD, of stone and soil as well as the roof of dimensions 6.50 x 2.50m. Under the church runs Agiasma maintained as sanctification. On the roof are germinated seventeen (17) trees with trunks of various diameters and different heights where many more than 16 to 18 meters! The strange thing is that these trees are tall and have no roots! It is calculated from the volume of logs and branches that the church currently has on the roof of weight equal to 10 tons when the trees are "calm". During the winter there are strong winds.

theodora 2

The church is dedicated to Saint Theodora of Vasta, tradition says that this miracle of Nature is related to the life of the martyr Saint Theodora, which deep faith prayed: "Let's make my hair trees and my blood river to irrigates this sacred place.  It celebrated on September 11th each year. Thousands of people visit the church to worship and admire this unique miracle.